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We are here to provide a genuine and premium care for your laptop. We offer the best Laptop Technical Support and Solution for the laptop setup, troubleshooting and repairs. With our service, you can stay updated with the latest technology. You can communicate with us either by dialing the Toll-Free number or through the chat feature.

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We contribute our service and support for a vast number of brands. Choose your device from the list of products furnished. Or, just type your product’s name in the search box at the top and press enter.

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Frame your questions. The problems might be anything – setup & installation; network connection; touchscreen; software upgrade; booting etc.,We benefit you with the appropriate Laptop Technical Support and Solution.

Common Problems

You can visit the ‘Forum’ page to discuss and exchange ideas with the other customers. The ‘FAQ’ page displays the repeatedly asked questions and their answers.

starting problem

Start up problem

Permanently fix the annoying start-up problem.

no internet access

no internet access

Resolve now. Connect with the outside world.

popup ads

Pop-up ads

Disturbed by ads? Learn how to block them.

running slow

Is your laptop running slow? Boost the RAM by frequently clearing the residual files and the cookies. If your device is installed with low RAM, do not perform multiple operations at the same time. You can extend the RAM by replacing it with a larger version.

laptop slow performance

Internet is slow

Make sure that the connection, wired or wireless, is sturdy and stable. Do not open multiple tabs in the same web browser. Clear the cache memory in the browser. Some web pages take more time to load as they are incompatible with the browser’s settings.

sound error

No sound

Make it sound like a boom on your own.

Computer freezes

Computer freezes

Frozen? Get inflamed with our Laptop Technical Support.

slow performance

Slow Performance

Slow like a tortoise? Boost it up like rabbit.

laptop restarts

keeps restarting

Start to resolve the restart issue.

display driver or (vga, graphic card)

Update to the latest version of the display driver for your graphics hardware. Change the Visual Effects to the ‘Adjust for better performance’ mode. Do not turn on too many auto-run applications. The GPU sometimes, take more time to display the graphics, than actually permitted. To resolve this, modify the registry entry to increase the GPU processing time. Make sure to install the graphics card that is compatible with your product.

graphic card


Can’t Open Email Attachments

Reason-the format of the attachment might be unsupported by your device. If you have any anti-virus program installed, it will prevent you from opening the attachments. Solution-Request the sender to send the attachments that are supported by your device. Customize the settings in the anti-virus software.

Application is Not Responding

Reason-improper installation; outdated drivers; not compatible with the current OS etc., Solution-The application must be compatible with the installed Operating system. You can contact us to learn about the characteristics of a specific application through Laptop Technical Support. We also provide the setup and installation guide.