Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop Setup and Configuration

toshiba pt581u configure

Toshiba PT581U 034012 Specs

The Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop is a compatible notebook under the Tecra A50-D series. The notebook operates on Windows 10 Operating system. This notebook features a built-in optical drive, docking capability, touchpad and the Accupoint -pointing system with the multi-touch facility. The inbuilt stereo speakers and the premium spill-resistant tile keyboard are an added advantage.

  • 15.6” 1920 * 1080 Full HD display
  • Intel Core i7 7500u
  • 4 Cell Li-ion battery
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB SSD

Tech – Specifications

laptop ram

The notebook is built with 8GB RAM that offers efficient and effortless work for the users.

intel processor

Intel Core i7 7500u processor with 2.7 GHz processor speed makes the notebook to compete in the market.

laptop battery

The 4 Cell 45 Wh Li-ion battery allows the user to work continuously upto 5 hours.

best laptop display

The 15.6” 1920 * 1080 Full HD display delivers the output with endurance and reliability.

Driver Download & Configuration Support

The notebook is built default with the Windows 10 Pro Operating system. The Windows itself updates all the device driver software. Although, the user can update a specific driver. Locate the outdated driver. Right click the Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop driver and select ‘Update driver’. The Windows automatically updates the driver. You can also download and install the driver manually from this website. In case of doubts, get guidance from our Laptop Technical Experts.


Toshiba PT581U Laptop Top Issues

Suddenly my Toshiba Laptop is Not Responding

Ensure that the notebook is not physically damaged. Dismantle the system. Examine the internal parts carefully. If any part is damaged, replace it with a new one. Re-assemble the system. Turn On and perform boot operation. Customize the settings with reference to the Toshiba PT581U laptop support user manual. Perform the start-up. The system responds immediately.

toshiba pt581u screen error

Black Screen Error in Toshiba Laptop

When the screen suddenly turns black while processing, force shut down the Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop. Try turning it on again. If the issue persist, remove the battery and the AC adapter. Connect the notebook directly with the power cable. Turn On. If it does not get resolved, replace the motherboard. Open the panel. If you find a lid actuator switch attached to a magnet, gently slide the magnet to the back. Close the panel. Repeat the steps multiple times.

Toshiba Laptop Won’t Turned ON

Remove the battery. Plug in the power cable. Turn on the notebook. If it works, the problem is with the battery. Replace it with a new battery. If it fails, the problem is due to overheating. Remove the back panel of the notebook. Gently, blow some air into the vents. Clean the motherboard carefully without damaging the chips & processors. Reassemble and turn on the notebook. If the problem continues, take it to a service center.

Unable to optimize Toshiba PT581U Laptop

As the number of installed programs rises, the system memory gets clogged easily. Remove the unwanted programs. Delete the unnecessary residual files. Clear the cache memory frequently. Update the anti-virus software. Clear the Windows registry issues. Do not open multiple process at the same time. Since the given RAM is less, the notebook cannot handle multiple operations.

Expand the Physical memory – Install additional memory to the Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop. RAM controls the number of programs running concurrently. So, increase the RAM to make the system efficient. To do this, remove the underside panel of the notebook. Replace the old RAM with a new RAM card, compatible with the hardware. Restart/Turn On the system. The Operating system automatically recognizes the newly installed RAM and starts processing with it.

toshiba pt581u ram

Other Related Laptop Models

Gets sluggish in speeding a Toshiba Laptops

When the notebook is slow in its process, perform de-fragmentation of the disk. While saving files at irregular intervals, a large number of small, unusable spaces are created. To avoid this, enter the System Tools menu. Select ‘defragment the disk’ option. Allocate specific file sizes for your disk. This increases the work efficiency of the notebook. For further Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop assistance, refer the manuals or get guidance from our customer support team.

toshiba pt581u repair

Browser gets freezes in Toshiba laptops

Do not overload the browser with multiple tabs opened. Open the Task Manager. Click the ‘End Task’ option listed near the browser. Restart the system. If the system does not restart, press and hold the power button for few seconds. This method shuts down the system forcefully. Delete the temporary .apk files and residual files. If a particular browser repeats the same problem, uninstall/re-install or update the browser. Switch between multiple browsers to avoid potential causes.

A Toshiba Laptop gets Frozen or Hanged

Scan and remove the software or application that poses a threat to the Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop. Fix all the Windows system issues by removing the system junks and errors. Boost the performance of the notebook by performing hardware upgrade. Follow the instructions in the manual, to avoid unwanted damage to the notebook. Get support from our experts to get clarifications about the Toshiba PT581U laptop support via.

No Sound Heard on Toshiba Laptop

Uninstall and Re-install the sound card driver software. Refer this site’s free Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop support manuals. Search the exact model number of the sound card. Download and install the driver. If the driver is corrupted, the notebook will not respond to the sound card commands. If you use any external speakers, check whether the speakers are properly connected.

toshiba pt581u sound problem

Attack of Viruses or various Trojans

  1. A Trojan is a program that does not respond to the user’s command. Many users are unaware of the Trojan horse. This is a malicious virus that attacks the other applications and starts replicating. It disturbs the behavior of the other applications.
  2. Use a network cable to connect the router with the system. Update the anti-virus software. Open the software. Run a ‘Full Scan’. Set the anti-virus to frequently check the system. The threats are detected and resolved by the software, automatically..
  3. Or, plug in the network cable and restart the system in ‘Safe Mode with Networking’. Log into the admin account. Open all the browsers and delete the Temporary Internet files. Clean the files in the residual folder on Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop.
  4. Update the Windows Defender feature and enable the ‘Firewall’. Firewall is the built-in anti-virus software for the Windows. The PC issues are resolved by the ‘Firewall’. Setup the spy-ware to avoid installation of unknown sources of applications,

Wi-Fi is not accessible in Toshiba laptops

Make sure that the scanning feature is turned on. Turn Off the router. Go to the Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop Settings menu. Delete all the source files of the installed network driver. Right click the driver, Select ‘Uninstall’. Now, turn on the router. The notebook automatically searches the available network providers. Select the one, you want to connect. The driver software is automatically installed and the WI-FI is ready to use.

Network connectivity glitches

The common network glitches in the Toshiba PT158U-034012 notebook are – network cable improperly plugged, IP Address conflict, limited connectivity and duplication of the network. Resolve IP address conflict – Configure each of the local host with an unique IP address. Frequently, release and renew the notebook’s dynamically arranged IP address. Update the router firmware.

toshiba pt581u wireless problem

Printer is not connected in Toshiba Laptop

Disconnect the printer from the notebook. If wireless, customize the router frequencies. Enter the settings menu. Uninstall the previously installed printer drivers. Reconnect the printer. The Windows automatically downloads the source code of the network drivers. Or visit the Driver Downloads menu in this site to download and install the Toshiba PT581U-034012 Laptop driver software manually.