Difference: Ubuntu Command Line vs GUI

Whatever operating system you have on your device, the interface is the one that allows you to access all the features of the operating system. Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Command Line Interface (CLI) are the two interfaces used in most of the operating systems. Some operating systems provide both CLI and GUI interfaces, whereas some offer only CLI. Below this page, learn Ubuntu Command Line Vs GUI key difference.

CLI is a text-based interface. In this interface, you need to use commands to interact with the software and operating system. In CLI, the only keyboard is used to execute commands. GUI is a visual-based interface that offers app icons, menus, and windows to interact with software and operating system. While interacting with your OS using a GUI, you can use both the mouse and the keyboard.

Ubuntu Command Line Vs GUI

Key differences between CLI and GUI

Simple and user-friendly

When compared to CLI, most people prefer to use GUI because of its visual presentation. To use CLI, you need a higher degree of memorization and familiarity.


When it comes to multitasking, GUI users can open, control, and manipulate multiple windows at the same time with ease. Although many CLIs offer multitasking features, they do not offer the same ease as GUI.

Performance and Speed

When compared to CLI, the performance of the GUI is slow. You can generate a series of commands to perform a CLI task, whereas the GUI interface doesn’t offer this feature.


While using GUI, you can change the appearance of your OS using the customizable options. But CLI doesn’t allow you to change the appearance of the OS.

Memory requirement and Precision

GUI requires more memory when compared to CLI. When it comes to precision, GUI is lower than CLI.

Advantages of GUI

  1. Easy to perform manual configuration.
  2. Easy to remember the tasks.
  3. Anyone without any computer knowledge can use this interface.

Advantages of CLI

  1. CLI provides better control to the users with speed.
  2. This interface will be handy for those working on programming languages.
  3. Less memory usage.

Now we have seen the Ubuntu Command Line Vs GUI key difference.