How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Connectivity Issues

If you are having Microsoft Outlook Connectivity Issues, there is a possibility that Outlook is in Offline mode. If you are using Outlook 2007 or an earlier version, click on File. If you view a checkmark next to Work Offline, uncheck it and check if it resolves the issue. If you are using Outlook 2010 and/or a more recent version, select the Send/Receive Tab. Locate the Work Offline button and select the Offline option. Look at the bottom of your Outlook window. You may view something that says Trying to Connect. Once it connects, it shows that the connectivity issue is solved. If it does not connect, rebuild the data file. The data files, .pst and .ost are vulnerable to some errors that can cause Microsoft Outlook Connectivity Issues. Close Outlook and open Control Panel. Click Mail icon –> Data Files. Locate the file with the same name as your email address and click Open File Location. Rename .ost file to .OLD.

SMTP Authentication Issue

  •   SMTP server requires a valid username and login to send an email. If the SMTP authentication settings are incorrect, it will not allow you to send an email. But if you are unable to send email, check email authentication.
  •   If you get a relay denied error and the password is accurate, it denotes SMTP authentications is likely, not correct. Remember that Password authentication security and network security are different settings.
  •   If the password fails after resetting, check if you are using a valid authentication method. Most email clients support various authentication methods for Microsoft Outlook Connectivity Issues.
  •   A few among them are Normal or Plain Password, Encrypted Password and Kerberos. An error about authentication methods occurs if most systems support normal/plain as well as encrypted passwords.
  •   Remember that SSL encrypts the network connection. On the other hand, password encryption prevents sending your password in plain text. When using SSL encryption, you often do not need to use password encryption.

microsoft outlook connectivity issues

Windows Firewall Issue

firewall issue
  •   There are several security features to keep your PC and data safe against malicious programs and hackers. Windows Firewall is one of the features that helps to prevent unauthorized network access to your PC.
  •   Few common issues you may encounter are that the feature is unable to start, or error 80070424 or service-specific error 5 (0x5) may appear. In some instances, apps or features like Remote Assistant may not work.
  •   To troubleshoot and fix Windows Firewall problems, download the Windows Firewall Troubleshooter from Microsoft. Once you double-click the WindowsFirewall.diagcab file, select the Next option to resolve Microsoft Outlook Connectivity Issues.
  •   Based on the troubleshooter result, select the option that fixes the problem. If everything works fine, click Close the troubleshooter. If the troubleshooter doesn’t fix the problem, click the View detailed information link.
  •   When you click the link, the report may include the issues the troubleshooter tried to fix including access to shared files and printers, issues with Remote Assistant and more.

Fix Incorrect Account Settings

When you configure a wrong email address as a Microsoft account on Windows 8, go back to a local account and switch it back to Microsoft account. While switching back, a prompt to enter the account credentials may appear. To change the Microsoft account credentials, type your account on the Start screen. Select the Your account option and click on Disconnect for the Live account that is connected. A warning to save the work may appear as you need to sign out from Windows. After entering the live account password, click Enter. Choose your local account username and password and select the Next button when you are ready to fix Microsoft Outlook Connectivity Issues. Click the Sign out and finish option and select Connect to Microsoft account. Fill the required Microsoft account information to complete the setup. Once you complete all the preceding steps, check the status of the issue.

Proxy Server Requirement

  •   Though the minimum requirements for proxy servers are low, it can vary based on how you plan to use the server. There are several proxy server options. These servers run as programs on a server-level Operating System.
  •   The Operating System determines the minimum requirements to solve microsoft outlook connectivity issues. For example, Microsoft Windows proxy server uses Internet Information Services on the Windows Server line of Operating Systems.
  •   The server software companies usually offer a list of recommended requirements for their software. These recommendations denote that the service does not perform well on the minimum requirements.
  •   If the service on the proxy server is slow, it indicates the users get a slow Internet experience. Choose a processor that is twice as fast as the minimum on Windows 8.
  •   Caching is a huge function of proxy servers that takes frequently accessed websites and stores the data on the server. This, in turn, speeds up the connection for users sharing the proxy server.
  •   With the increase in the amount of cache available, check if you have sufficient amount of available memory. Proxy servers are capable to filter content and perform other on-the-fly services to fix microsoft outlook connectivity issues.
proxy server requirement

E-mail Server is Unavailable

email server is unavailable
  •   Use the client version of the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer Tool to diagnose client connectivity issues between a local client computer and an Exchange server.
  •   Select the Client tab and click Install Now to install the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer Tool. After installing the tool, select I can’t log on with Office Outlook.
  •   Once you enter your Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address, log in the credentials when you are prompted to do. Either view detailed results or save the results to Resolve Microsoft Outlook Connectivity Issues.
  •   Create a new Outlook profile if the issue occurs only for a single mailbox. Do not create the profile if you do not encounter problems when running the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer Tool.