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How to Set Up Docking Station?

What is a Docking Station?

A Docking Station is a physical device that enables portable computers like a notebook and tab to access the other devices such as speakers, printers, or monitors, by which you can use the portable device as a desktop computer. A portable device is connected to the docking station, and then the other devices are connected to the station to make the setup. The popular docking stations are manufactured by Dell, HP, Targus, Apple, and Amazon.

How to Use a Docking Station?

The following steps help you to set up Docking station successfully.

  1. Shut down your portable device or put it into sleep or offline mode, but for some docking stations, you need not power off the device; instead, you can directly connect it to the docking station.
  2. If you have a block type docking station, unlock the port at the back of the device, then dock it to the station.
  3. And if it is a stand type docking station, you can fix the portable device onto the stand-type dock or use the USB cable to connect them.
  4. After connecting the device to the station, you can connect the other devices to the ports on the station via different cables.
  5. When the hardware connection is complete, connect the power cord to the docking station and plug the cord’s other end to the wall outlet.
  6. Following that, turn on the portable device and check if the connection is secure.
  7. Open the browser application and find the new device drivers for the system.
  8. Then, install the device drivers on the system to use the other devices connected to the docking station.

set up Docking station