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What is the Difference between Chromebook and Laptop?

A laptop acts as a portable computer, whereas Chromebook is a laptop that runs on the Chrome Operating System. Both the Windows/Mac laptops and Chromebook have their pros and cons. Read below to know the difference between Chromebook and Laptop

Difference Between Chromebook And Laptop

Operating System

  1. Laptop – Windows or Mac
  2. Chromebook – Chrome


  1. Laptop – Lightweight (MacBook Air) and heavyweight (Windows/Ubuntu)
  2. Chromebook – Lightweight


  1. Laptop – High price (MacBook models). Price varies depending on the model for other laptops.
  2. Chromebook – Price ranges between $200 and $350

Web browser

  1. Laptop – All web browsers
  2. Chromebook – Google chrome

Storage space

  1. Laptop – It supports hard disks of various size (mostly start at 64 GB)
  2. Chromebook – It doesn’t offer much storage space.

Battery life

  1. Laptop – Longer battery life
  2. Chromebook – It is somewhat same as other laptops
  3. Chromebooks resemble MacBook Air. Both laptops are slim.
  4. Chromebooks are popular only due to the lightweight feature. And the price is considerable for bulk purchases by schools and companies.
  5. A low-end Chromebook laptop is similar to that of a low-performance Windows laptop. Expensive Chromebooks do exist, and one of them is Google Pixelbook. It is a high-powered Chromebook laptop available at $1,649.


  1. Chromebook – It is internet-focused, and it doesn’t require a large hard drive.
  2. Laptop – The performance of a MacBook is far better than that of a Chromebook. And, obviously, MacBooks cost high.


  1. Chromebook – Smaller displays with low screen resolution. Images and video quality are not so sharp when compared to other laptops.
  2. Laptop – Range of display sizes with outstanding screen resolutions. Robust graphics processing architecture.


Chromebooks are perfect for web browsing, streaming music/videos, managing emails, creating documents in Google Docs, and balancing your checkbook in Microsoft Excel for Microsoft 365.

Other laptops are for people who require several browsers and for business purposes.

In above, we saw the major difference between Chromebook and Laptop.