What Is The Difference Between Hp Chromebook And Hp Laptop?

What Is The Difference Between Hp Chromebook And Hp Laptop

  1. Chromebook has a greater advantage than a laptop. It is cheaper than HP laptops. It is user-friendly what is the difference between HP Chromebook and HP laptop. The Chrome operating system does not require much power, like the Windows operating system. In the Chrome OS, you will face fewer issues as it is less prone to viruses and malware, whereas that is not the case in the Windows operating system. Also, the Chrome OS is faster than Windows OS.
  2. HP laptops will have more drive space when compared to Chromebooks. When compared to a laptop, Chromebook has loads of online storage with Cloud solutions. The Chromebook mainly focuses on Google’s suite. Chrome OS is purely based on Linux, and it uses Google’s signature browser. HP laptops have better performance and storage. HP Chromebooks are easy to set up. You can log in to your Google account with Google drive. Chrome OS is slightly different from Windows laptop and MacBook.

  1. In HP Chromebooks, Google Chrome is the default browser. Whereas in HP laptops that run on Windows 10, the Edge browser is the default browser. You have to set the Chrome browser as a default one if required. With a Chromebook, you will have access to all the Google Play Store apps. You can easily move all the apps on your phone to the Chromebook. HP Chromebooks promise a massive 13 hours+ long battery life. HP Chromebook has built-in security and a well-protected antivirus.
  2. Millions of people around the world widely use HP laptops. HP laptops can be used for both home and business purposes. You can purchase both HP Chromebook and HP laptop from the HP Online Store. If you are looking for a cheaper product, Chromebooks provide a better value than HP laptops. It also has more specifications than the HP laptop.