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Why Antivirus Is Not Installing In My Laptop?

Antivirus is a piece of software that protects your computer from all kinds of threats. Usually, an antivirus software looks for threats by scanning through the files and folders on your device. If it finds a threat, malware, or any harmful file, then you will get a warning message from it. Most of the antivirus software available in the market offer more advanced features to protect your computer and data. This section covers the causes and solutions for the issue encountered during the antivirus software installation process on a laptop. Carry out these below-mentioned steps why antivirus is not installing in my laptop.


  1. Downloaded antivirus might not be compatible with your OS type.
  2. Already an antivirus software might be active on your laptop.
  3. Presence of corrupted files on your laptop.
  4. Virus or malware might be blocking the antivirus software installation process.

Solution 1: Check compatibility

  1. Check if the downloaded antivirus software is compatible with your laptop’s OS.
  2. You can check it from the official site of the antivirus application.
  3. If it is not compatible, then download the antivirus software that is compatible with your OS.
  4. After downloading, try to install it on your laptop.
  5. If you encounter this issue even after downloading the correct installer file, then try the second solution discussed below.

Why Antivirus Is Not Installing In My Laptop

Solution 2: Disable or uninstall another antivirus if installed

  1. Make sure that you haven’t installed any other antivirus software on your laptop.
  2. If installed, disable or uninstall it and then perform the newly downloaded antivirus software installation.
  3. Follow these steps to resolve why antivirus is not installing in my laptop.

Solution 3: Remove the applications installed without your knowledge

  1. There is a chance for many unknown or unauthorized applications to be installed on your laptop while using a public network.
  2. These applications can affect your laptop’s performance in many ways and block the antivirus installation.
  3. On the Programs and Features folder, search for recently installed applications.
  4. If you find any application being installed without your knowledge, then select and delete it from your laptop.
  5. After the deletion, try to install the
    antivirus software on your laptop.
  6. If you are not able to install the antivirus application again, then disable or turn off the Windows Defender application on your laptop.

Solution 4: Disable or turn off Windows Defender

For Windows 10 users:

  1. Open the Settings window on your Windows 10 laptop.
  2. Click the Update and Security option.
  3. Locate and select the Windows Defender tab.
  4. Click Open Windows Defender Security Center > Virus & threat protection > Virus & threat protection settings.
  5. Locate and turn off the Real-time protection option by clicking the checkbox beside it.
  6. Now, try to install the antivirus software on your laptop.
  7. By using these above steps to resolve why antivirus is not installing in my laptop.