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Why is My Trackpad not Working?

If your keyboard is not working, replace it with a new one. Having a backup keyboard is always the best choice. If you don’t have another keyboard to resolve this problem, Why is my Trackpad not working, carry out the easy instructions given on our web page.


  1. First, check if the keyboard is connected correctly..
  2. Remove the connection between the keyboard and your computer.
  3. After some time, reconnect the keyboard to the computer.
  4. You can connect the keyboard to a different USB port of the computer if you are using a USB keyboard.
  5. Note: Do not connect the USB keyboard to the computer using a USB hub.

Wireless keyboard:

  1. If you use a wireless keyboard, check if the power switch is turned on.
  2. To protect the wireless keyboard from any damage, try to turn it off when not in use. This will save the battery life of the wireless keyboard.
  3. Ensure that the battery is not dead in the wireless keyboard. If so, use a new battery.

Programmable keyboard:

  1. If you use a programmable keyboard, you must download and install the keyboard drivers on the computer.
  2. The keyboard drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer website.

Windows update:

  1. Rarely, the keyboard won’t work properly if the software is outdated.
  2. Run the Windows Update manually as per the steps given below.
  3. After pressing the Win button, enter ‘Windows Update’ without the single quotes in the search bar and click the search icon.
  4. Continue with the remaining instructions that appear on the screen to finish the Windows update process.
  5. Contact our technical experts if you have any doubt in resolving why is my Trackpad not working problem.

Why Is My Trackpad Not Working