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Why Isn’t Docking Station Working?

The docking station makes your portable computer into a desktop computer, but if the docking station does not recognize the devices connected to it, then it cannot be working, and the whole purpose of docking is in vain.
Read the below instructions to know the reasons causing the why isn’t Docking station workingissue and the necessary actions to be taken.

Why is it not working?

  1. When the monitor screen blacks out, it is an indication of the docking issue.
  2. If you cannot physically set up the laptop on the docking station, the station might be facing a problem.
  3. If the audio devices which are connected to the station do not work, it signifies the trouble.
  4. An error occurs if the docking station does not detect the connecting devices.

Why isn’t Docking Station Working

Fix: Why isn’t Docking Station Working Problem?

Check the Connection Ports

  1. When you are facing trouble in docking the laptop, then check if the ports are blocked or clogged with dust or any other object.
  2. Clean the ports of the docking station and retry to connect the laptop and the other peripherals.

Verify the Cable Connection

  1. If the laptop screen goes black and does not display anything, make sure the cables are secured at the ports.
  2. After docking the laptop, look if the LED indicator light glows, and ensure the docking station detects the laptop.
  3. In case the cable has tampered, then use another cable to connect to the station and check if the station detects the device connection.

Fix Audio & Charging Ports

  1. Whenever the station does not detect the audio device, check the audio port condition.
  2. Also, check if the audio device drivers are operating. If it is not working, update the driver and recheck the audio device connection.
  3. Verify that the power cable and the charging port on the docking station work properly.
  4. If the power cable is damaged, replace it and check if the station device charges.
Fix audio and charging ports