Why Lenovo Laptop So Slow?

The most complaints about Lenovo laptop being slow are when the device is connected to the internet, while processing larger files, or when opening the system program or application.
Continue to read to know why Lenovo laptop so slow and the different ways to prevent it from becoming slow.

Clean the dust

  1. The dust settled on the laptop case, which you might think is harmless, but it can affect the device performance.
  2. The dust can get collected inside the laptop, which can trap heat and does not let the device to become cool.
  3. It is important to clear the dust using a fan or with a brush to prevent any major damage to the system.

Verify the hard drive conditions

  1. Sometimes, the hard drive in the system can be the cause of the problem. Therefore check the device hard drive and make sure it is in a proper working condition. 
  2. Before you check the physical hard drive, make sure to back up the data on the drive.
  3. Also, scan the drive for any technical issues and verify there are no hard-drive related problems.

Scan system for virus

  1. The malware or virus on the system can slow down the system performance.
  2. Use a third-party application or software to scan the system and remove the malicious file or program on the system.
  3. You can also scan the system using the Command Prompt application.
  4. In case you find there is a virus, then use a removal tool to erase it from the system, else try to delete it manually.
  5. In order to protect the system, enable the auto-virus scan on the antivirus program of the system.
  6. Turn on the firewall settings to secure the system from any external threats.
  7. Keep the system’s software updated to improve system performance.
  8. Now seen how to fix Lenovo laptop so slow issue.

Why Lenovo Laptop So Slow