How To Fix PS4 Cannot Connect To Laptop Issue?

Usually, if your PS4 cannot connect to laptop using remote play. If the Remote Play feature is not available, then you can try the alternative method, i.e., wired connection setup to connect your PS4 device to the laptop. In the section given below, you are going to see how to resolve the PS4 device not connecting to the computer.

Method 1: Changing the connection type from Wireless to Wired

  1. If you are using a wireless network to connect the PS4 device and laptop, then check your Wi-Fi network strength or status.
  2. If your wireless network is not stable or poor, try another available network.
  3. Make sure to place your PS4 and laptop within the range of the wireless router.
  4. Check if all the UDP 9296, UDP 9297, UDP 9303 ports are open.
  5. If you can’t access the above-mentioned ports, then adjust your router’s bandwidth settings.
  6. If the connection status is fine but the PS4 device does not connect to the laptop issue, then try the next troubleshooting method discussed below.

PS4 Cannot Connect To Laptop

Method 2: Disable your system’s Antivirus program if required

  1. Check if the anti-virus software installed on your laptop is not blocking the communication between the PS4 device and the laptop.
  2. If so, temporarily disable the antivirus software installed on your system
  3. Check if the PS4 cannot connect to laptop issue is resolved.
  4. Otherwise, re-configure your antivirus software settings that help in allowing another device to access your laptop.

Method 3:Check Frame Rates of your PS4 and the computer’s resolution are compatible for Remote Play

  1. Make sure that you have installed the Remote Play app on your Windows and Mac system correctly.
  2. As soon as you connect the PS4 device to your Windows or Mac system, a pop-up dialog box will appear on the screen.
  3. For Windows: Inside the dialog box, you can find the Settings button, click it.
  4. Set the resolution and frame rate correctly.
  5. For Mac: A preference link will be attached inside the dialog box , click it and set the resolution and frame rate correctly.
  6. If the PS4 cannot connect to laptop issue persists, contact our technical experts by clicking the Call button available on this screen.