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Complete Guide for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has started rolling out for PCs as well as mobile phones. With this update, the Microsoft Edge Browser, Windows Ink, Cortana and other features have all greatly improved. You can get it manually in Windows 10 phones by checking for updates in the Settings menu. PC users can follow the steps given below.

Guide: How to get Manually Win10 Anniversary Update

For mobile phones running on Windows 10 OS, you can get it manually by checking for updates in the phone Settings menu. In the Settings menu, go to Update and Security section. Under this section, click on Phone Update and then select the Check for Updates option. Your phone will detect the Windows 10 anniversary update and install it on your device.

For Windows PCs, if you have turned on the Automatic Update Install option, the new Win10 Anniversary Update will get installed automatically on your Windows PC once it is made available for your model, manufacturer, country and region. You can also install the update manually in two ways by using the following steps.

  •    On your PC, go to Settings > Updates and Security.
    Method 1 : Go to Windows Update and click on Check for Updates.
  •    ‘Feature Update to Windows 10, version 1607’ will appear.
  •    Click on the update option and your PC will be updated.
  •    Method 2 : Under Windows Update, Learn more option will be present.
  •    Clicking on this option will redirect you to Microsoft Support page.
  •    Download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO file and update your PC to the latest version.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Win10 Anniversary Update New Features

This update is released exactly after one year since the Windows 10 release and suitably titled as ‘Windows 10 Anniversary Update’, it has modified the user experience in a more comfortable and interactive way. Apart from the security improvements, it has lots of new enhancements right from the Start menu to the advanced Cortana for Windows and many more.

Windows 10 Start Menu Guide

Confusing Start Menu

All the tiles are now on the right side; installed apps list on the left side; Account, Downloads, File Explorer, Settings and Power icons are on the further left.

Windows 10 Setup Taskbar

A Funkier Taskbar

The new Windows 10 taskbar has an enhanced right-click menu; taskbar section under Personalization in the Settings; combined taskbar clock and calendar.

Anniversary Windows 10 Ink Guide

Windows Ink

Using your active stylus on your Windows device has gone to the next level with the new Windows Ink feature which lets you work with ease using the stylus.

Edge Extensions Guide

Using the Windows store, you can now add many third-party extensions, like the AdBlock, Pinterest and Evernote, on the Microsoft Edge browser. Even though many other modern browsers, like Chrome, Firefox and Safari, have got the third-party extensions support for a long time, Microsoft has kept this support on hold due to security reasons. But with this new Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the extensions support has been enabled on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Edge Improvements

Apart from the extensions support, there are many other enhancements on the Microsoft Edge browser. You now right-click on a tab and pin it on the place; right-click on the back button to view the history menu; navigate within the browser by swiping; allow websites to push their notifications to Windows 10 Action Center; drag and drop folders to cloud storage services; get improved battery life with Microsoft Edge and so on.

Windows 10 Edge Extensions Guide

Cortana on the Lock Screen Guide

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Cortana has become more intelligent and increases our productivity. With this update, Cortana is now available on the lock screen, which enables us to play music, set a reminder, make a note, schedule appointments in Outlook or send a document to a friend. You can now hide your email address on the lock screen if you sign in with a Microsoft account. You can turn it on by following these steps:

  •    Go to the Windows Settings and go to Accounts section.
  •    Click on the Sign-in options and find the Privacy option.
  •    Turn it on to make your email ID visible on the lock screen again.
Windows 10 Anniversary Hide Email

Windows Hello for Apps and Websites

With the improved Windows Hello that comes with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you can now sign in to various supported websites on the Microsoft Edge browser. This is the first browser to introduce such a feature. You can also use a ‘companion device’, such as a USB security token, activity tracking band or a smartphone.

Xbox Play Anywhere

Xbox Play Anywhere is certainly a great news for professional gamers, as it allows you to switch between a PC and an Xbox easily while keeping the game intact. Now you will be given both Xbox and a PC copy of a game if you purchase any one of them. While not all games are supported for Xbox Play Anywhere, there a quite a number of games that can be played with both Xbox and PC easily, such as the Crackdown 3, Cuphead, Forza Horizon 3, etc.

Windows Defender

Before this update, when you install a third-party antivirus software on your device, Windows will disable the Windows Defender by itself. But after this update, Windows Defender Limited Periodic Scanning is available, which scans your device periodically without disturbing the third-party antivirus software. This will provide an additional layer of security for your Windows device. The Windows Anniversary Update provides enterprise users with the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which protects the corporate data from advanced malicious attacks.

Android Notifications in your Action Center

Now the notifications on your Android device can be viewed and handled on your Windows Action Center thanks to the Cortana app for Android, which lets us connect our Android device to our Windows 10 PC. Let it be messaging, phone calls or locating your phone, it can be easily accessed and handled on your Windows 10 PC.

Windows 10 Setting Guide

A more useful Action Center

The Windows 10 Action Center can group the notifications by app, not chronologically, which enables you to dismiss all the notifications from a particular app at once. With this update, you can also set priority levels for each individual apps using the Settings menu. To access the priority settings, go to Settings > System > Notifications and Actions, where you will find three levels of priority to choose from.

Windows 10 Dark Theme

A dark theme

Previously Windows 10 used to be only white in color, but after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you can enable either the Light or the Dark mode, which affects the default Windows 10 apps, such as the Settings menu, Maps app, the calculator app and the File Explorer. You can change the theme and other color settings in the Personalization section under the Settings menu.

Pin a window or program on all desktops

You can now pin a window or a program to all the desktops so that they can be accessed always. This is achieved with the help of Virtual Desktop. To access this, click on the Task View button and right-click on the window or program that you want to pin. Select either ‘Show this window on all desktops’ or ‘Show windows from this app on all desktops’ option.

New emojis

Microsoft has done a great job in redesigning and improvising the emojis in Windows 10. After the Windows 10 anniversary update, the emojis are more detailed, more expressive and playful. The new emojis come with a two-pixel thick outline and six different skin tones to choose from, which make them appear more bold and large, enriched with bright colors. You can easily find the new emojis on your Windows 10 device on the onscreen touchscreen keyboard, which can be accessed by clicking on the keyboard icon in the system tray.

Active Hours

The Active Hours feature that comes with the Win 10 Anniversary Update allows you to set the time during which you usually work on the computer. Setting the Active hours will not allow the Windows to restart the device to install any updates during the time which you have set. The maximum duration which you can set as Active hours is 12 hours. If you are using the computer during the time which you have not included in the Active hours, you can still avoid the restart by setting a custom restart time.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update features review

The Win 10 Anniversary Update is certainly a success as it has captured the hearts of many Windows users. The new features, such as the lock screen accessible Cortana, enabled extensions in Microsoft Edge browser, improved Windows Help, the all-new Windows Ink and many more, have taken the user experience to next level.

In Tablet mode looks a lot like Windows 8 Now

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has a good news for tablet fans as they can now hide the taskbar when they are using a tablet. Just like Windows 8, it allows you to get the maximum use of the screen. The All Apps view on the Start screen has been improved and had been made easier to use.

How to Set Time Zone Automatically?

Whenever you travel to a new time zone, you don’t have to manually adjust the time if your pc anymore. With the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update, your PC can automatically update itself to the time zone once you have enabled it from the Settings menu. Though it seems to be a minor feature, it makes a huge difference in usage.

Guide: Windows 10 Apps on Xbox One

Microsoft has finally started providing support for several Windows apps on Xbox One. With this update, Cortana and several new universal apps have been supported for Xbox One. Some trademark apps like the Netflix, MSN Weather and Groove Music apps have started moving across platforms providing universal support. It has now become easier to develop an app for one platform and modify them to run on another platform.

Guide: Windows Hello for Apps & Websites

The previous version of Windows Hello makes use of the camera to scan your face to log in to your Windows without making use of any password. But with the Windows 10 anniversary update, Windows Hello has integrated the face unlocking software into apps and websites. You just have to let it scan your face to use any app or website in the Microsoft Edge browser.


A new feature that comes with the Microsoft 10 Anniversary Update is the Project to PC, which lets you project the content what you are viewing on your phone or PC onto another PC. This feature is more welcomed in the business environment where people would want to show and explain a document without actually sharing it with others PC.


The anniversary update has introduced a new universal Skype app. It can be launched quite easily. We can also get the messages and calls notification directly in Windows 10 irrespective of whether we have the app open or not. Even though it is not fully developed with all the features, it can still handle the basic usages like calls and messages.


The Bash in Windows proves to be a great feature for developers. Other than developers, normal users would not make use of this device. The new Bash is nothing but the addition of a new Linux command line to Windows 10. Developers who need it can enable it and work on it. Linux developers can make the best use of this feature as this lets them access to all the tools on Windows.

How to Sync your Phone Notifications to PC?

Microsoft now allows Android and Windows 10 phone users to sync their phones to their Windows 10 PC using Cortana. This will enable them to receive their phone notifications on their PC. Now the users can either reply or dismiss them easily. It has also become easy to send photos from a phone to PC by using the syncing feature that comes with the Microsoft 10 Anniversary Update.

Windows 10 Update Sync

Windows as a Services

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has made several noticeable improvements and enhancements that have made the user experience easier than ever. Apart from these big improvements, the update has also worked in various other sectors like the extended battery life, improved support for multiple monitors and DPI scaling and also performance enhancements.

By providing these kinds of updates, Windows, as a service, has proved itself among its users and increased their expectations for its future updates. Even though we have seen a lot of improvements after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, there is still a lot of space for improvements in further updates.

How to Download and Install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is rolling out for devices stage by stage. You have to wait a while for the update to become available on your device. To check whether the update is available on your device, go to Start > Settings > Update and Security > Check for Updates. However, you may not miss out the update as Windows 10 has the automatic update option.

Quick Steps for Win10 Update

The update will reach all the devices stage by stage. So you have to wait for your device to receive the update. But you can also opt for the manual updating process in case your eagerness wins over your patience. Though, Microsoft has guaranteed that all the windows 10 users will surely receive the windows 10 Anniversary Update without fail. Follow the steps explained below to get the update manually. It means you will get the update sooner than you actually would.

  •    Using Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is so far the easiest way to install the Windows 10 Anniversary Update manually.
  •    The Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant can be downloaded and installed using the Windows Update History website.
  •    In the Windows Update History website, you will find a blue color button titled ‘Get the Anniversary Update now’.
  •    Click on the button. It will download the tool. Click on the downloaded file and install the tool on your device.
  •    After installing it, open the upgrade assistant. A new window will open titled Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant.
windows 10 Download and Installation Guide
  •    Now simply follow the onscreen prompts to complete the Windows 10 Anniversary download. You can carry on with other works while it is downloading.
  •    After it has downloaded and is ready for install, save and close all other work and restart your device.
  •    Now, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update must have successfully installed on your device.

How to Fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update Problems?

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update would be easy to install and would be the best an most stable releases. Even then there are some ways in which you might face issues while downloading or installing the update. There could be various factors causing issues. See below for the various issues that might possibly occur and their solution.

How to fix Anniversary Update Failed Issue?


  •   Error : We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don’t turn off your computer.
  •   Error : Failure configuring Windows Updates. Reverting changes.


  •    It can be resolved by looking at the update history.
  •    On your Windows device, open the Settings menu.
  •    Go to Update and security and click on Windows Update.
  •    Go to the Advanced Options link in the Windows Update.
  •    Now click on View your update history option.
  •    Look for error information in the failed update install link.

Quick Tip : By observing many cases, we have come to know that some older laptops tend to show this error. But this can be easily resolved by turning off the device, disconnecting from the power supply and removing the battery for 60 seconds.

Windows 10 Update Failed Solution

How to Fix Connection to the Windows Update Servers?


  •   Error :The error codes for this issue are 0x800F0922 and 0xc1900104..


  •    Indicates PC isn’t connecting to the server.
  •    Occurs when connected to the network via VPN.
  •    Can be resolved by removing the VPN.
  •    Also indicates insufficient space in System Partition.
  •    Third-party software might occupy space.
  •    Resolved by increasing space to at least 500mb.

Quick Tip : Make sure that you do not use VPN while you are updating your Windows as it might cause connection issues. Also, make use of third-party apps to free-up space in System Reserved Partition.

How to fix Update Installation After Restart?


  •   Error : The error code for this accidental restart error is 0x80200056.


  •    Occurs when the device restarts during the update.
  •    Also occurs when signed-out during the update.
  •    Easily resolved as it is not a major issue.
  •    Turn on your device; restart the update.
  •    Make sure it doesn’t restart or sign-out again.
  •    Can be avoided by connecting to the power supply.

Quick Tip : Issues like accidental restarts or signing out of the device have to be avoided by taking precautions like connecting to the power supply during the update. You have to update it again after turning it on.

How to fix Driver or Software Compatibility Issues?


  •   Error : The error code for driver or software compatibility issue is 0x800F0923.


  •    Identifying incompatible driver is difficult using Windows Update.
  •    Use Media Creation Tool as it identifies and displays it.
  •    Update the driver to its latest version.
  •    Or uninstall the driver and install the Windows update.
  •    But the error might recur when it is installed again.
  •    If a software is incompatible- update, disable or uninstall it.

Quick Tip :If there is an issue with any of the drivers on your device, you can uninstall it and continue with the installation process. You can make use of the Device Manager to uninstall the driver that is creating the error.

How to fix Storage Problem during Installation?


  •   Error : Error code 0x80070070 – 0x50011.
  •   Error : Error code 0x80070070 – 0x50012.
  •   Error : Error code 0x80070070 – 0x60000.


  •    This error occurs when there is not enough storage space for Windows Update.
  •    Free-up some space on the hard drive by using the inbuilt cleanup tool.
  •    Press Win+R key, type cleanmgr and hit Enter.
  •    Select C drive and click on Clean up system file.
  •    Check all unwanted temporary files except ‘Windows Setup Temporary Files’.
  •    Delete all these files and try to install the update now.

Quick Tip : If you are unable to perform the clean up on your hard drive, you can alternatively use a USB flash drive. Windows will use this as a temporary storage to perform the update. Make sure the USB has at least 8GB of storage.

Windows 10 Storage Problem Solution

How to fix Damaged or Missing Installation files?


  •   Error : The error code for this issue is 0x80073712.


  •    Follow the same steps as mentioned for the previous issue.
  •    Also, delete ‘Windows Setup Temporary Files’ this time.
  •    Redownload and install the update again.
  •    If it still fails, try using Media Creation tool.

How to fix Windows 10 Activation Problems?


  •   Error : Windows not Activated.


  •    Windows 10 becomes deactivated after the update.
  •    This is to prevent users from taking full advantage of OS.
  •    Can be resolved using Activation Troubleshooter tool.
  •    Reactivate your copy of Windows 10 using this tool.

How to fix Minimum System Requirements Issue?


  •   Error : The error codes are 0xC1900200 – 0x20008 and 0xC1900202 – 0x20008.


  •    The new Windows update requires 2GB of RAM to run.
  •    It’s double the RAM required for the previous version.
  •    This error occurs if your RAM is less than 2 GB.
  •    Resolve it by adding additional RAM to your device.e.

How to fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update Errors?

  1. The error code for this issue is 0xC1900208 – 0x4000C. When an application installed on your device is incompatible, it may block the update installation. This triggers the above-mentioned error code.


    •    Third-party software, like antivirus, usually causes this error.
    •    Find out the application that is causing the error.
    •    Uninstall that particular software.
    •    Now try to install the Windows Update again.

  2. When you try to install theWindows 10 Anniversary Update, you may face certain error messages that will block you from installing the update successfully. There could be various possible reasons for the errors. But you can resolve them by resetting the Windows Update components manually by using the Windows Update Troubleshooter.


    •    Download and install the Windows Update Troubleshooter tool from Microsoft.
    •    Select Windows Update and proceed.
    •    Click on Try Troubleshooting as an administrator option if you are prompted.
    •    Click on Windows Update again and proceed with it.
    •    All the errors will be fixed automatically by the Windows Update Troubleshooter tool.
    •    After the process completes, click on Close and exit the tool.
    •    Restart your device and try installing the update once again.

  3. This errors mostly occurs when you try to update to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update using a bootable media, like a USB or a DVD. This is because these bootable media might contain corrupt files in them.


    •    You can resolve this issue by recreating the bootable disk.
    •    Recreate the bootable disk by redownloading the Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO file.
    •    Do not forget to use the Disk Cleanup tool if you are using the Media Creation Tool.
    •    Also, ensure that you delete the Windows Setup Temporary Files and then create a bootable disk again.

  4. During the installation process in the setup of Media Creation Tool, you might face an issue called Dynamic Update or something similar. But if you restart the Media Creation Tool, the download will restart and the error will occur again. Look at the resolution given below to resolve this issue.


    •    Go to the File Explorer on your Windows device.
    •    In the File Explorer, search for and go to the address C:\$Windows.~WS\Sources\Windows\sources.
    •    Here you will find the Setupprep.exe file.
    •    Run this file by double-clicking on it and start the update process.

  5. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update on your device may be prevented from being available because of performance issues on your device. These performance issues might occur if you are using the Windows 10 on your device for quite a long time.


    •    Windows 10 comes with inbuilt System Files Checker (SFC) which can scan and fix errors on your device.
    •    You can use this tool to resolve the performance issues. It might require you to enter into the Command Prompt as admin using the Power User Menu.
    •    In the Command Prompt, you have to enter sfc /scannow command and hit Enter key.
    •    If SFC is unable to scan and fix any errors, then you can use Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DSIM) utility.
    •    This utility can repair any issues in Windows image (.wim). Now you can use SFC to scan and fix the errors.

  6. Once you update to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you will notice that some of your personalization and customization that you had configured on your previous version have been reset to the defaults. There is no fix for this issue has Microsoft is still working to provide a solution for this issue.


    •    As mentioned above, there is no solution for this issue.
    •    You have to remember to reconfigure the following settings:
    •    Pen Settings : Settings > Devices > Pen and Windows Ink.
    •    Notification Settings : Settings > System > Notifications and actions > Notifications.
    •    Tablet Mode Settings : Settings > System > Tablet Mode.
    •    Virtual Desktops : Task View > Add New Desktop.

  7. We all know that Microsoft Edge now supports extensions like other browsers. But after the Windows 10 anniversary Update, some users have mentioned that extensions have again become uninstallable on Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft has provided three methods to fix this issue.


    •    To install an extension correctly, after opening the Edge browser, go to More > Extensions > Get extensions from the Store, and install it.
    •    After installing, you will receive a notification on your browser. Read it and select Turn on option.
    •    If you want to install extensions in private mode, then go to More > New InPrivate Window, and then follow the above steps to install the extension.
    •    If you want to view and delete the browser history, go to More > Settings > Clear all history. Now choose what you want to clear and then click on the Clear option.
    •    Another possible solution for this issue is, go to Settings > System > Apps and Features, uninstall and reinstall the particular extension. This will resolve the issue in most cases.

  8. After installing the Anniversary Update (14393.10), many users have reported that Cortana has disappeared from Windows or Edge browser.


    •    Microsoft hasn’t provided any standard solution regarding this issue.
    •    But there is a workaround that you can try out to resolve this issue.
    •    In the search box of your Windows, type regedit and hit Enter.
    •    Now go to the location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search.
    •    Here you will find the BingSearchEnabled section. Change it from 0 to 1.
    •    Also, ensure that all the Cortana flags are set to 1.Now you can try to use Cortana again.

  9. The apps that are installed from the Windows Store are reported to be crashing after the users have updated their Windows to the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Even though Microsoft hasn’t released any official fix for this issue, there some ways in which you can probably solve your issue.


    •    Disable antivirus: In most cases, Windows update and third-party antivirus are contradictory in nature. Disabling any such antivirus could resolve the apps crashing issue.
    •    Disable firewall: After updating Windows, the Windows Firewall can block Windows Store which results in the crashing of Windows Store apps.
    •    Time and Date: even though this might seem like a small thing, incorrect time and date also cause the Windows Store apps to crash quite often.
    •    Reset Apps: In the Settings, go to the corresponding app and reset it using the Advanced Options.
    •    Reset Windows Store: Access the Command Prompt by right-clicking on the Start menu and type and execute the command: WSReset.exe. After that, restart the PC.

  10. Some users have reported that after the Anniversary Update, the laptop or tablet connected to a secondary monitor is missing some of the background portions, and it is displayed black.


    •    Microsoft hasn’t provided any direct solution for this issue yet.
    •    But there are some workarounds that Microsoft has provided to resolve this issue.
    •    Try to resolve it by putting your laptop or tablet into sleep mode and then wake it up.
    •    You can also try to unplug and then reconnect the mDP/ DP/ HDMI connection. This has resolved the issue in many cases.

  11. There have been many reports from various users saying that when they try to install the Windows Anniversary Update, they receive an error with error code 0x80070057. There has been no official document from Microsoft regarding the solution for this issue till now. But there are some other things which you can try to resolve this issue.


    •    One resolution is that, after completing the Windows Anniversary Update download, install it by double-clicking on it. Once the installation starts, turn off the internet connection.
    •    The process will stop at 2%. Now restart the process after a minute time. Now you should be able to complete the installation without the above-mentioned error.
    •    Another resolution is that the error can be avoided if you are updating using the Media Creation Tool or by doing a clean install by downloading the Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO files.
    •    Some users claim that this issue can also be eliminated by doing a registry modification, but it could turn out badly if anything goes wrong while meddling with the registries.

  12. There are many cases where the users have reported that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update download gets stuck during the download or gets stuck during the installation of the update. Sometimes an error message can also be received stating the error code: 0x800705b4.


    •    The best-known resolution for this issue is using Media Creation Tool for applying the update.
    •    Another method to avoid this issue is to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO file and do a clean install.

  13. The update files that are downloaded on your computer by the Windows Update are found to be causing this error which shows an error code: 0x8024200D.


    •    Press Win+I key, and in the Run command window that appears, type msconfig and hit Enter.
    •    In the new window that appears, go to the Boot tab and enable the Safe mode. Reboot the Window and enter into the Safe mode.
    •    In the File Explorer, go to the address: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and download its contents.
    •    Now again go to the Boot tab using the same procedure as above and disable the Safe mode.
    •    Restart your computer again to apply the changes that you have made.
    •    Now try to apply the Windows 10 Anniversary Update once again.

  14. After updating the Windows device to the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update, there may be occurrences where the Windows might freeze just like that for some time. It might be temporarily solved by restarting the device. But it is not a permanent solution.


    •    However there is no official solution from Microsoft for this issue, there are some ways which you can implement to avoid this error.
    •    Go to the Settings menu of your Windows device. Go to Update and Security > Recovery.
    •    Click on the Get Started button and the windows will start rolling back to its previous version.
    •    After going to the previous version of Windows 10, remove the $WINDOWS.~BT, $WINDOWS.~WS folder from the C drive.
    •    Now use the Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO file and do a clean install. This method is said to have resolved the issue in most cases.

  15. Once you have installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and sign in to your Windows, you may see that a black screen is displayed. This error mostly occurs due to improper installation of the update or issues related to drivers.


    •    This might be caused because of one of the external drivers that you have connected to your device. Unplug all the external drivers and plug them in one-by-one.This way you will find out the faulty external driver. Now you can get it repaired by approaching its manufacturer.
    •    Otherwise, follow this method. Restart your device. Press the Shift key and Power button at the sign in screen and select Restart.
    •    After it restarts, go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup settings and click Restart. In Restart, press 5 to open Safe Mode.
    •    In safe mode, press Win+X keys, open the Power user menu, go to Device Manager > Display adapter and uninstall it.
    •    Now download the latest display driver from the manufacturer’s store and install it. Now restart your PC. Sometimes faulty RunOnce processes might cause this issue. Go to safe mode again to resolve this.
    •    In the Power user menu, go to Task Manager and look for RunOnce32.exe or RunOnce.exe in the Processes and Services tab, and end/stop it. Now restart your PC.

Other things you can do for a successful Anniversary Update Installation

Even though Windows 10 Anniversary Update is highly stable and easy to install, there are reports from users all around the world stating that they are facing different kinds of issues while installing the latest update. This might be because of the difference in the hardware configurations of their devices. Thus take the following precautions to make sure you don’t face any serious issues.

Make a backup


  •   Error :Loss of data during installation caused by any errors.


  •    Anniversary Update makes a lot of changes on your device.
  •    Any error during installation might erase your data.
  •    Make sure you create a backup of your data beforehand.
  •    Use System Image Backup tool to backup your data.

Non-Essential Peripherals


  •   Error : Unwanted peripherals connected can cause various errors.


  •    Mouse, keyboard, internet connection and monitor are essential.
  •    All other peripherals are non-essential.
  •    Eg. Bluetooth devices, printers, external hard drives, etc.
  •    Eg. Bluetooth devices, printers, external hard drives, etc.
  •    Disconnect them before beginning the update.

Note your Settings


  •   Error : OS updates sometimes might change your settings.


  •    It is always better to note down your customizations.
  •    Eg. Pen, notifications, tablet mode, virtual desktop, etc.
  •    The update might also modify the privacy settings.
  •    Note down your privacy settings on Settings > Privacy.

Remove Possible Conflicting


  •   Error : Some apps might cause compatibility issues.


  •    Some apps might cause incompatibility issues.
  •    Review all the apps that are present on your device.
  •    Uninstall all the unnecessary or suspicious apps.
  •    Go to Apps & Features in System Settings to uninstall.

Turn Off Security Software


  •   Error : Update fails because of antivirus or Firewall.


  •    Antivirus and Windows Firewall keep your device safe.
  •    But they might cause the update installation to fail.
  •    Turn off the Real-time protection in Windows Defender.
  •    Temporarily disable Windows Firewall using Control Panel.

Stop Blocking the Update


  •   Error : Windows 10 blocks the update download.


  •    Windows 10 might block update due to wrong settings.
  •    Uncheck Defer Upgrades in Update & Security Settings.
  •    This might also occur due to a metered connection.
  •    Turn off ‘Set a metered connection’ in Wifi Settings.

When nothing works do a clean install

Doing a clean install of the Windows 10 Anniversary is the last option if you have tried all the methods and troubleshooting to install the update normally. Do clean install only after using Media Creation Tool has failed to update your device. Download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO file and proceed with the clean installation process.

Wrapping things app


  •   Error : Error codes that start with 0xC1900101.
  •   Error : The update isn’t applicable to your computer.
  •   Error : Potential Windows Update Database error detected.


  •    Free up more space on your device.
  •    Disconnect any external hardware or storage devices.
  •    Use the command prompt to restore and repair system files.
  •    Do all updates on your PC before upgrading.
  •    Run System File Checker and DISM tools.
  •    Reset Windows 10 Anniversary Update settings or components to defaults.
Windows 10 Metered Guide