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What’s New in Windows 10 Creators Update?

We believe that creativity is an essential human trait and everyone is a creator at heart. The Windows 10 is actually built to bring the creator in all of us. New innovations are included in the Windows 10 Creators Update. They are new tab management features, built-in game broadcasting, enhanced security features, and more in Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 Creator Update 3D Paint

3D in Windows 10

Allowing everyone to experience, create, and share in a new dimension, the3D in Windows 10 has come to life in the Creators Update. we can communicate ideas and express ourselves better with 3D. Moreover, you can learn faster as it is much more representative of the world that we are living in.

You have a new app called Paint 3D with the Creators Update. Moreover, at Remix3D.com you have access to an online creative community. You can easily create or modify 3D objects with the all-new Paint 3D. Also, you can easily change color or texture. You can also turn 2D images into 3D works of art.

Windows 10 Beam Game Guide

Beam Game Broadcasting

On Windows 10, with the Creators Update, you can use the built-in game streaming with Beam which is the easiest and most interactive way to stream your gameplay. While you are playing the game, if you press the Windows key + G, it will bring up the Game bar.

This provides an opportunity for everyone to bring forward their creative talent as a game broadcaster.

In real-time, enabling broadcasters to interact and engage with their viewers giving them an experience less than a second of delay with this Beam’s low-latency technology. Moreover, the interactive features such as animation and sound triggers are incorporated by Beam broadcasters using this low-latency technology.

New gaming section in System Settings

A new gaming section has been added inside the main Windows System Settings. Game bar, GameDVR, broadcasting, and Game Mode are the four settings options in the Windows 10 Creators Update. Windows 10 gaming settings are unified in one place by this new gaming section.

Game Mode

The Game mode provides a better and more consistent gaming experience on Windows 10. Also, more system resources will be added to your game. For both Win32 and UWP games, the Game Mode works. While playing a game, to enable Game Mode, pull up the Game bar (Windows key + G) and tap on the Settings button.

More games supported by Game bar

In the Windows 10 Creators Update, more games are supported by the Game bar in full-screen mode. Search for the Game bar, and confirm that the Show Game bar when I play full-screen games Microsoft has verified setting is enabled. In the new Gaming section of Windows Settings, you can manage this feature.

Windows Store with the Creators Update

A new digital category names Books are added to the Windows Store. You can discover and read e-books from your favorite authors with books in the Windows Store. Readers can find the favorite titles in the Windows Store including New York Times Bestsellers.

In order to bring an extensive catalog of great books to the Windows Store, top publishers and partners such as Simon & Schuster, Hachette Book Group, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins Publishers, and Ingram Content Group have been partnered.

It includes content such as American Gods by Neil Gaiman, End of the Watch by Stephen King, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss and Cross the Line by James Patterson. After purchasing a book, you can start reading immediately with Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 Creator Update

New Cortana in the Creators Update

After Windows 10 Creator Update Cortana Guide. Cortana is your personal digital assistant both at work and in life. Therefore, you can use it where ever you need. It’s quite easy to stay on top of your schedule and fulfill your commitments with Cortana. With the help of Cortana, you can easily remember all the important things. To control music playback on more of your favorite music apps, you can use Cortana.

It can even recognize Chinese music. The Cortana can listen to specific music and tell you what kind of music is been playing now. You will experience a full-screen view that is optimized for looking from a far when using “Hey Cortana” while your PC is unlocked and idle.

To help you easily get back into Microsoft Edge websites and SharePoint documents, Cortana will display quick links in the Action Center when you switch computers. On your laptop, if you were working on a PowerPoint deck, when you return later, in the Action Center you can find the link to that deck.

Cortana Guide

Windows 10 Creators Update Features Review

In recent months, the Microsoft has been testing its latest Win10 Creators Update and now it is ready to be launched. The Creators Update includes some small and welcome additions while the previous Anniversary Update included more significant features.


Either you purchase a new PC with Windows 10 preinstalled or install Windows 10 Creators Update, the Cortana guides you through the setup process. Cortana listens to commands using your microphone and speakers, including setting up a keyboard layout and Wi-Fi network. Instead of your voice, you can use your keyboard and mouse to set up Windows 10.


In Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is focusing on improving the gaming experience. In the Xbox app, there is a new Game Mode, in which the CPU and GPU resources are prioritized for a game. To reduce the background tasks, this Game mode is specifically designed. In Win10 Creators Update, the Game Mode is by default enabled.


The Universal Windows Apps are added with the picture-in-picture support by the Microsoft. You can watch show with the built-in Movies & TV app. Also, this app will pop up the window on top and moreover, above other windows, the Skype will place calls. While you browse or work in other apps you can keep watching content and also, it holds the similar features as iOS or Android.


With the Creators Update, Microsoft has built its own version into Windows 10. You can reduce blue light from a screen after sunset or at a specific time in the evening by allowing Windows 10 with the Dubbed Night Light. It is more similar to what is already available on iOS, macOS, and Android. Also, to enable this on Windows, you don’t need any third party app.


A new Windows 10 feature known as Dynamic Lock is especially designed to be the opposite of Windows Hello. When you are little apart, or at a distance, this Dynamic Lock allows you automatically lock a Windows 10 PC. The Bluetooth devices can be easily paired. Once the Bluetooth connection is too far away, Windows 10 will sense and lock the PC.


For Windows 10, using the 3D, the Microsoft’s Creators Update is designed in mind. This is a Microsoft’s built-in Paint app’s 3D version is totally rebuilt and modern. Compared to the regular Paint app, it is a lot more touch-friendly. You can annotate and create objects using a stylus like the Surface Pen. Once you have done the Paint 3D creation, it can be used on a Windows.

Windows 10 Photos Guide

Though the inking in Windows photos is not a supported feature of Windows 10 Creators Update, just because the reason to support inking, Microsoft has updated its Photos app recently. This feature provides you with greater advantages. Moreover, this feature lets you pick the photo that you need as you wish and then lets you annotate the photo which you picked and share it easily via email or social networks. The inking in Windows 10 Update is not available everywhere, unfortunately.

Also, you cannot simply annotate an attached image or jot notes down inside an email even with the apps like the built-in email client. Bringing inking to the center of Windows 10 might take a long way for the Microsoft, but inking in the Photos app and Windows Ink related features are the sign, that might eventually happen.

Windows 10 Ink Support

Windows Hello Support

Windows Hello is getting faster is the fact denoted by including one surprising addition to the Windows 10 Creators Update. The recognition process for facial scanning has been improved by Microsoft. The way how the Windows Hello scans your face to detect who you are is exactly shown to you by the new setup process. As a result, the Windows Hello login process becomes much faster.

Microsoft Edge Improvements

With the Creators Update, Microsoft is tweaking its Edge browser. Using this new feature, the tabs can be set aside and can be saved to be used later. It is a kind of an essential method that can be used, in order to save a snapshot of your current browser window. It is the right kind of a welcome feature if you are a heavy user of tabs, but the new buttons that enable the feature might be little confusing. Also, ebook support is added by Microsoft. It is also adding the ability to view 360 videos to Edge.

Better Control over Updates

For those wishing for better control updates, there will be a greater impact on adding a small change in the Windows 10 Creators Update. For up to 18 hours a day, you can now configure active hours in Windows 10 or pause updates for a week. In Win10 Creators Update, Microsoft is also tweaking its privacy controls. There is another major update of Microsoft which includes a lot of notable new features and design improvements.

Win10 Creators Update Problems Solution

For desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets, the Win10 Creators Update is finally available for download. More than 400 million qualifying devices around the world, this new version is slowly rolling out. There will be a slew of new features and improvements with this feature update.

Though the Creators Update is aiming to be the best Windows ever, building an OS is a difficult task and it takes a lot of work. Moreover, it is an expected one that the errors, bugs, and other problems might occur during and after the installation.

Due to an error or bug if the feature update fails to install on your device, using this guide you can identify and resolve the most common issues occurring on Windows 10 creators update. If you click the Read more, you will be provided the instructions for most commonly occurring issues.

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update Guide

Win10 Creators Update ISO File Download


The Standard-Edition consists of all other updates released within Win10 Creators Update . Win10 Creators Update Home and Creators Update Pro are the two versions that contain images. Once the installation process is initiated, you will be able to activate your current Windows 7 key or new OEM or Retail Windows 10 key.


All the updates released within Win N Creators Update is included in this N-Edition version. This N-Edition is not pre-installed with Windows media player or camera media-related technologies. Both the Windows 10 Creators Update Home and Creators Update Pro are included in Windows.


Microsoft released a KN-Edition for the South Korean market besides the N-Edition for the EU and Switzerland. The KN-Edition does not come with pre-installed media-related technologies such as Camera or Windows Media player, like the edition for the EU and Switzerland.

Single Language

To brief the title, this KN-Edition includes only one language and available only for the Microsoft Win10 Creators Update. It is not possible to install another language to your OS. Both the Win10 Creators Update Home and Creators Update Pro comprises of images.

How to get the Windows 10 Creators Update?

There are two ways to get the Win10 Creators Update

Automatically get the update via the phased rollout

Windows 10 Update Guide

You can automatically get the Windows 10 creators update through the phased rollout process. You can update using this method by maintaining a quality experience. The phased rollout update is faster in updating the Windows 10 creators.

If you want to enable automatic updates, go to Windows Update> Advanced options> Choose how updates are installed to ensure they are enabled for you. Using the update assistant, you need to install the creators update.

Manually update via the Software Download Site

Creators Update

The Windows 10 will automatically notify the updates available for your device. Once the update is ready, but if you are not ready then you will be asked to pick up a time to install it. Select any one of the options and then install it.

If you want to know the version of your device in which it is running, you need to select the Start button. Then you have to select the Settings option. You need to then select System. Then you have to select the About button.

Now you need to install the update. In the software download site, you have to select Update now. Before you attempt to do this, you need to first make sure that your device is up to date. After you ensure that, you need to do these steps to update it from software download site.

You have to now click on the Start button. Then you need to click on the Settings option. Then you should tap on Update and Security. Then click on the Windows 10 creators update. Choose the Check for updates. Install if there are any updates are available.