How to Clean Install Windows 7 Operating System

clean install windows 7
  •   A Clean install is for users who do a new installation to Windows 7 operating system. Delete all data or files on the hard disk and then do clean install Windows 7.
  •   If the system does not have an operating system yet, the clean install should be done. Switch off the system. After a while, turn it on again.
  •   Press F2 continuously when logo appears.Wait till the BIOS screen displays. Locate the Boot menu on the BIOS setup.
  •   Based on the version of the operating system, the boot options vary. Search for the name of the BIOS if you are unable to the boot options menu.
  •   Choose the boot options menu from the list of available devices. Select the CD-ROM drive as the first boot device. Choose the boot order from the option.
  •   Save the changes made on the settings by pressing the Save option from the BIOS menu to store the configuration. After the saving options, select Exit to Clean Install Windows 7 OS.
  •   Turn off the system by pressing the Shut Down option. Press and hold the Power button till the system turns off. After a while, power up the PC.
  •   Insert the Windows 7 disc to the system’s disc drive. Wait till the system loads the files of the CD. When the system prompts to press any key, do it.
  •   After selecting, select the start from the disc till Windows setup starts begin loading. If unable to load from the disc, redo the same procedure to solve the problem.
  •   After the Windows setup loads, a screen displays. Choose your preferred language, keyboard type and time/currency format and then press the Next option.
  •   Select the Install Now option. Agree to the terms and conditions on the screen and select the Next option to Clean Install Windows 7 OS. Choose the Custom option to avoid the unnecessary software.
  •   Do the hard drive partition for easy access. If there is any data on it, erase all data and format it. Select Drive options-> Format.

How to Download Windows 7 Ultimate

download windows 7 ultimate
  •   Download Windows 7 operating system as an ISO file image to create your installation media such as USB flash drive or a DVD file.
  •   Use the Windows product key to activate the operating system and a stable connection to start the download process. Unstable connection leads to issues.
  •   It is necessary to have a sufficient data storage available on a system, USB or external drive for the download process. Ensure that the free space is at least 4 GB.
  •   Choose either 32-bit or 64-bit version for the download process to Clean Install Windows 7 OS. Ensure that all requirements are met. Choose a product language from the menu.
  •   Examine if the operating system supports the RAM size and hard disk space. Update the graphics driver to start the download process. If any issues, refer to the manual.